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**Missing Child**

Bahbee's sister, Ash, married a good but overly ambitious man named Noah. They had one daughter, Brandi. Noah got mixed up into some ugly business with Gaedren Lamm. After failing Gaedren on an especially important job, Gaedren murdered Noah and Ash and kidnapped their daughter and is uing her as one of his Little Lamms. Bahbee will stop at nothing to rescue her neice, whom she loves as much as she would her own daughter.

Tiefling Paladin/Oracle
Bluff / Diplomacy / Sense Motive
Battlepriest (Warhammer)

Summary on how the class plays: Life Link revelation. This allows you to form a 'bond' with an Ally. At the beginning of each round, if that ally is hurt they automatically heal 5HP, and the Oracle loses 5HP. You may only have as many Life Links active as you do Oracle levels.
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