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Alastair Gordon chelaxian human ranger, grew up on the straight and narrow, was from a low merchant family, and always had dreams of joining the sable company and riding the hippogriffs. worked hard and starting going through training when i was framed for murder. my best friend Regina was able to prove my innocence but it was too late, i would never in the Sable Company. The events changed me, i fully believe the game is rigged against us. i take the odd job here in there usually trying to help someone in Old Korvosa (which obviously dont pay well) so occasionally i will take a less "honest" job against some of the less "honest" nobles (or at least that i think our less honest). Blackjack has become something of a hero of mine now. I'm definitely not the bright eyed bushy tailed believer i used to be. i enjoy a drink often, and barbarian chew from time to time. i like to think i'm good with a bow - but im not, never getting the actual formal training needed. my real best weapon is my trident, for a lot of the closer combat i have had to do.

I pray to Gozreh, and still long to be in the sky, riding a hippogriff but no longer believe it will be in my future.
Regina Pitt - still my BF - kept me from going to jail from being framed, continued with and is a member of the Stable Company. Someone i can still go to if i need help/money/place to stay
Hayward Brockmire - Real jerk off - member of the Sable company. grew up wealthy merchant family. we never got along, and i believe they paid for me to be framed.
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