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Session 1 - 3/18

The adventures are each invited to go meet someone who may have a clue to find Gaedren Lamm. As they arrive one by one they introduce themselves while they eat and drink. As a Varisan women arrives, named Zellara, she gathers the adventures and explain that they all have the same goal. To find Gaedren Lamm. She reveals that he should be at the Old Fishery. Immediately the group heads out to find him before he gets away.

When they arrive. Taft rushes to the door and disintegrates it with his sword to find a vicious dog that pounces at Taft. The rest of the party is taken aback by the actions of their new companion as he slices through the dog. From all the commotion from the death of the dog, two of Gaedren Lamm's henchmen come out from the back, Hookshanks and Yargin. They fight as fire bombs are thrown, hexes casted and arrows fly. Killing the two henchmen before they can call in the lambs to help them.

As Baby Yoodah tries to calm the children as a third henchmen, Giggles, comes out from the hallway and disables Midas. Then Allistar comes from the other room to discover all of the chaos that happened while he took an alternate route. Zee miraculously saves Midas and withdraws safely. Giggles is now cornered by most of the adventures and is eventually slayed by Baby Yoodah with a hammer to his rear before he can escape. With the henchmen and dog slain the adventurers look at each and are relieved that the Lambs are safe, for now. So where is Gaedren Lamm?
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