Session 2 - 3/25/21

The aftermath after the fighting the party collects itself. Various members comb through the discovered rooms. The party finds a couple items off of the bodies. While the party continues their search, Gus calms and is generous to the children and Bahbee looks for his niece Brandy among the children.

Raft prepares to enter the larger back room. To get the element of surprise Midas and Raft throw a thuderstone before they enter. Notifying the rest of the party to enter from alternate doors. When they enter they find more children and one on the ground taking the effects of the thunderstone. Among the children Bahbee finds his niece Brandy and comforts her. The frightened children aren't very cooperative but Brandy tells Bahbee that Gaedren usually is outside in the back. Bahbee leaves Brandy with Zee to stay safe as the party continues to search the back.

As the party heads to the back the majority falls through the dilapidated deck. Raft and Gus fall further up ahead, While Alastair and Midas fall closer to the shore. While Raft is in the water he begins to panic and is unable to swim and climb as a Jigsaw Shark takes this opportunity to attack him. Gus easily climbs out and watches Raft panic as continually falls and flails in the water. His only option is to kill the shark. As that happens, Alastair is able to swim back to the muddy shore and toss a rope to Midas to pull him in. Bahbee is the only who doesn't fall and throws down a rope to help the two on the shore. After a near death experience with the shark, Gus is able to defeat the shark.

Once Raft gets out of the water onto the dock he takes a moment to catch his breath and heal his wounds. Then without delay turns around the corner to see a ship tied to the dock that looks very unstable. The rest of the party is a little hesitant to continue on the dock. Raft is determined to find Gaedren Lamm and question him alive. Gus and Midas situate themselves at the building windows overlooking the boat. Raft screams out at the ship for Gaedren to come out and hears banging from the ship. Before he can investigate Midas throws a bomb at the ship exposing the backend of the ship. The room is covered in spider webs and a dog sized spider comes out of the debris and attacks Raft. Before the spider can do any damage Gus kills the spider from the window. By that time Bahbee reaches the ship when a second spider jumps out at him. Gus lets out another arrow killing it.

Without hesitation and curiosity Raft and Bahbee jump on the boat and look down into lower part of the ship. They see it covered in spider webs and what seems to be another door. Raft calls out that there is one more spider to Gus. At that moment a spider jumps out and bites Bahbee. Poisoning him. Gus quickly reacts and is able to kill the last spider.

With the last spider gone. Midas jumps on the boat to collect blood and poison from the spider. While Bahbee recovers from the poisonous bite. What is next for the party as they explore what else is below deck.

XP - Currently 648

Loot Collected
MW Kukri - Midas
Disguise Kit - Alastair
Small delicate key - Raft
Studded Armor
Scrolls of paper and Chalk - Zee
3 LCW Potion - Raft, Bahbee, Midas
Chain Mail - Bahbee
72 g
Wand of Acid Splash
3 Vials Acid - Midas
Thunderstone - Midas
Composite LB - Raft
Brass Key
Iron Key
Amulet - Gus
Light CB
Vial of dog blood

Arrows 10 - Gus
100 C
100 S

Gus 20G to children
Raft 20C to second set of children

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