Session 3

The adventurers gather onto the boat and peer into the web infested lower half of the ship. Raft drops down with no hesitation and searches around. As he searches he finds a makeshift door that leads back under the fishery. He yells back to the party as he kicks through the door.

Through the door he finds another dilapidated dock under the fishery that ends at a small door. Having flash backs to the previous encounter with the unstable planks he moves carefully. As the others join him walking on the dock they see him slightly slip but luckily catches himself from falling. After they see him struggling, they take precaution while following Raft. Midas goes full prone and gradually army crawls behind. Zee follows suit by crawling on all fours to stay stable.

They come to the end of the dock and find a small door. As Raft does, he dives into the door to break it down and rams directly into it. With a thump the door doesn’t budge. Alastair watches and reminds Raft of the keys we found earlier. Raft searches his pockets and tries the larger brass key. The key clicks as the door unlocks.

It’s an unusually small door as Raft slips in. As he enters the room he is confronted by none other than Gaedren Lamm himself. This old frail man mocks Raft from across the room. Raft yells back and forth with him. In the middle of the room there is an opening in the floor that exposes the water and shoreline that’s underneath the fishery.

Gaedren fires a shot below striking his alligator below enraging it. Raft begins to pursue but first pulls out a long spear and throws it at the alligator below to scare it away but misses it. The alligator retaliates by swimming and jumps out of the water and fiercely bites Raft and pulls him down below to the water below.

As this all happens Midas comes through the small door after Raft. Because of this small door it slows down the group from entering all at once. As he enters he sees Raft getting pulled down to the water below. He reacts by pulling out his blowgun and fires his blowgun at the alligator missing it.

In the water, Raft has taken a bit of damage, he uses that pain to go into a rage. He screams as he takes a large swing and slices into the alligator. Gaedren sees Midas entering the room he barely misses Midas with his crossbow. The battered alligator moves around Raft and launches at Midas biting him and drags him down into the water with Raft. Midas is hurt badly.

Alastair is next to come through the small door and runs down the back wall towards Gaedren. Following after Alastair, Gus enters the room and takes account of the room and quickly dispatches the alligator threatening his allies below. Gaedren continues to mock everyone and recognizing Gus he fires his crossbow hitting Gus. At this point, Gaedren starts to panic with so many entering the room. He starts to search for a way out. He’ll need to get through Gus to escape. As he’s about to head in that direction. He notices a silver haired petite witch slip by Gus through the small door.

As she enters the room, she sees her two allies below badly hurt below in the water and Gus getting hit by the crossbow bolt. She makes eye contact with Gaedren across the room and hexes him with Evil Eye, weakening him from making another attack. As he is in this weakened state, she continues by casting Command and makes him fall to the ground against his will.

Gaedren is now prone and helpless on the ground. Raft being relieved that the alligator is dead and Gaedren disabled he swims over and climbs up to apprehend him. He clearly wants to take him alive to question him to find out what he knows of his wife Clementine's death. As Raft stands over the helpless Gaedren, Midas catches his breath and notices this opportunity to attack. He is blinded by his anger and pulls out a bomb. He wants to get his revenge for the death of his wife and he doesn’t care who gets in his way.

As Raft gets ready to apprehend Gaedren, in the corner of his eye he catches a glimpse of Midas throwing a bomb in his and Gaedren’s direction. He yells out as the bomb explodes throwing Raft back.

Raft sits up from the blast, an inch from death and coming out of his rage. He heaves on all fours screaming at Midas, “Why!?! I needed him alive. He might have helped me find out who killed my wife Clementine. I won’t forget this.” Midas explains his actions to fulfill his revenge and vows to aid Raft to find his wife’s killer. The rest of the party try to ease the situation, telling Raft that Gaedren couldn’t be trusted and would never help.

The party investigates the area and finds a back room. Alastair offers a potion to Raft if he investigates the back room. Raft begrudgingly agrees. He drinks the potion and takes a look. He finds a gross and dirty room where there is a hat box surrounded by flies on top of a strong box. Disgusted by the box and not really wanting to open it, he throws it out of the room to the others outside. Alastair reacts and pierces the box and pushes it aside. In the strong box they find treasures galore that no one in this group has ever encountered. These are expensive treasures and one belonging to the Queen herself.

From there they decide to return back to Zellara and update her with the death of Gaedren. As the party heads out of the fishery with the loot and destruction that they have left in their wake.

Taken aback from the situation before them they decide to head back into the fishery and hunker down to rest before they move further. Beaten and battered the party prepares to stay the night in the very place they got their revenge as they plan their next moves.

As the party reluctantly take a long rest:

XP - Earned 700 - Current 1348 - Party may level up to level 2

Loot Collected
+1 Padded armor - Alastair
+1 Dagger
MW Hand Crossbow
7 bolts - Raft
Brass Key - Raft
Rusty Iron Key - Raft
Detailed - Ledger
Cigar case inlaid with tiny bits of jade (25G)
2-pound gold ingot bearing the Cheliax coat of arms (100G)
Miniature gold crown (350G)
Kraken carving (200G)
Silver Ring - Emmah (150G)
MW Shuriken
Ivory Succubi Figure (450G)
Adamantine arrowhead- (Sean)
MW Dagger w/ strange blade shaped almost like a key bearing the inscription (750G)
Shelyn Holy Symbol (300G)
Glass tube - Oil of Keen Edge - Midas
Obsidian wand of Magic Missle (23 charges) - Midas
Crystalline vial (50gp) - dose of silversheen - Midas
Bejeweled brooch - Queen's Brooch

Fly infested Hat Box ???
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