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=====Session 3=====

After the long night, this unlikely group wakes to the clanging of items falling and shuffled on the floor. They notice Zee in the corner pulling out a large cauldron out of this bag of holding. In minutes she gets to brewing. As she works she gives a weird sound whistle. Within moments a fox walks through the broken door and curls up to Zee.

She introduces the party to Venti. Midas is intrigued and pulls out a treat for Venti. Venti does a flip for the treat and is super playful. Gus wakes up and heads out of the room with no hesitation and heads to the area under the fishery. Raft lays there as he notices and stays in bed.

Gus reaches the room as he approaches the hat box infested with flies. He picks up a stick and slowly opens the punctured box. The putrid smell fills the room. He walks to the box and he recognizes the face. It’s Zellara the seer that started this quest. He yells back at the group to join him. As the group enter they see Gus holding his breath over the box.

They confused group confirms it is Zellara and they notice a harrow deck. As Gus attempts to take it out of the box it flies all 54 cards across the floor. At this point Midas walks over and grabs the hand with his bare hands to inspect it. He tells that it she has been dead for a while due to decomposition.

As Gus picks up the cards he notices that these cards are magical. One of the ends of the cards get creased and a minute it seems to repair itself. As the group converses on this, they determine that we need to head back where we all met.

Raft interrupts and asks the group if we could make a small detour to check on his sister-in-law who has an alchemy shop near where Zellara first met with us. The group doesn’t mind the detour to check into the shop Bubble and Boil. On the way out Midas sneakily takes Alastair’s robe and uses it to wrap up the severed head.

The group sees the chaos still going on with people cowering as riots and mobs roam the streets. The group does its best to travel without being detected. As the approach the Bubble and Boil the group notices that there seems that the shop looks a bit pristine compared to the other shop. Raft runs to door as always but instead of what he normally does he lightly opens it and allows everyone to enter before him.

As the group enters they notice the well organized and dimly lit shop. Midas is the most excited about entering the shop, while Zee and Raft hide towards the front door. The shop owner Zeldana greats the group and is occupied by Midas’ inquires. She eventually notices her brother-in-law and niece. She has little patience with Raft and is protective and caring towards Zee even though Zee sees it as suffocating. Raft checks in with her that she is safe and offers the group space at the shop if they need a place to stay with all the chaos outside.

Before the group leaves the shop Zeldana gives Zee a key to the shop and tells her to come back if we need anything. They now head to the place where it all started. As they approach and walk in it looks like the place is abandon and has been for a while. The only things in the room seems to be dust that was moved when we were earlier. They are then greeted by the voice of Zellara.

She appears at the door but this time the group can tell that she is in the form of a spirit. She tells us that she has been dead for three weeks and everything that she told them was true. She tells us that she believes that we can change the fate of Korvosa and that’s why she brought us together. She is a spirt that will help guide and aid us moving forward.

She can do this by:
Appear in spirit form once per day.
We can use the cards to help identify items.
Perform Harrow Card readings for us when she can.

As Zellara disappears and the group looks at each other and agree to continue together and help their hometown of Korvosa.

The group again avoids the mobs and ask the people around about what’s going on. They learn of many rumors about the death of the king and the queen. The group decides to head to a small garrison where the guard leads us to the main garrison where the head Field Marshall Cressida Kroft could use some help with the riots. They turn the group away because they are too busy dealing with the town.

The group takes a moment to identify the key looking dagger using the harrow cards. No leads come of it. Raft mentions we should head to Korvosa castle to return the brooch that was found.

As the group heads to the castle, Raft is confronted with a raving madman. Raft easily gets away from him without issue. Once they reach the castle the guards stop us. We show them the brooch and they escort us and we met Sabina Merrin, Queen Ileosa’s bodyguard. She escorts us the hall to have an audience with the Queen.

We are introduced to the Queen as the Scions of Korvosa. She thanks us for recovering her broach that she had lost. She hands us a silver chest with a reward and wants us to join in helping the efforts to save Korvosa. We agree and are asked to be escorted to the Main Garrison to meet with Cressida Kroft. We walk out with our reward and are accompanied by some guards toward the garrison.

===Received ===
12 Gold Ignot 100G each
Silver Chest (50G)
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