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Midas Mole
Level 1 Human Alchemist

Midas is 17 years old, and was afforded all of the benefits that come with a house of nobility and Korvosa. His family's wealth and status was accumulated through the hard work and dedication of Midas' mother, Haladria. Haladria was a powerful alchemist in her own rite, having been one of the first on the continent to discover the ability to trasmute common metals into precious ones, including gold. This ability quickly gained her favor throughout the land and especially within Korvosa.

Midas' real name is Malchiar, but quickly gained the nickname Midas from his friends and family because everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. He was a gifted student with unlimited ambition, and an ego to boot. Midas was a perfect student, but even at a young age he quickly began to surpass even his mother with his alchemial abilities. Midas soon grew tired of simply utilizing his skills on basic objects, and instead became obsessed with using his abilities to augment himself. Though a student prodigy, Midas was not very athletic or physically gifted. He knew he could change that through alchemy. However, to complete such power potions, he needed to seek out rare and dangerous ingredients from sources all through Korvosa.

Against the warnings and wishes of his mother, Midas sought out a man named Fleek Ford who promised he could provide Midas with the materials he sought. However, not all was at it appeared. Fleek Ford was actually Gaedren Lamm who had a bone to pick with House Mole, having given in to utter jealously over the meteoric rise of Midas' family in Korvosian society. Gaedren knowingly supplied Midas with poisonous mushrooms that would erupt in a deadly cloud when placed into any potion and heated to a boil.

Back at home, Midas began to brew a concoction that he was confident would give him the physical prowess e had always desired. However, after placing the mushrooms in the cauldron, a repugnant cloud started to fill the room. Haladria immediately recognized the danger that was present. Doing the only thing she could think of to save her son, she picked up the boiling cauldron and drank the entire portion, burning her in agonizing pain and killing her.

Though haladrial was successful in saving her son's life, the potion still had effect, greatly sapping Midas of his physical strength, and leaving him with a frailty that will follow him for the rest of his life. Midas has turned all of his rage, as well as his significant intelligence and natural gifts towards one cause - vengeance upon the man who thwarted his house, killed his mother, and devastated his dreams.

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