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======Party Stats======
**XP** 1348/3300
**Level** 2

======Adventure Journal======
||[[ #0]]||Character Building||We made characters!||N/A||
||[[ #1]]||**Edge of Anarchy:** Haunted Fortunes (Part 1)||The adventure begins.||Day 1||
||[[ #2]]||**Edge of Anarchy:** Haunted Fortunes (Part 2)||In pursuit of Gaedren Lamm||Day 1||
||[[ #3]]||**Edge of Anarchy:** Haunted Fortunes (Part 3)||The death of Gaedren Lamm||Day 1||
||[[ #4]]||**Edge of Anarchy:** A City Gone Mad (Part 1)||The King is dead! Long live the Queen! The Scions are born.||Day 2||

======Player Characters======
||Sean||[[ Auguste Gusteau]]||Zen Archer||
||Brett||[[ Alastair Gordon]]||Human Ranger||
||Eric||[[ Rafferti "Raft" Zandu]]||Human Barbarian Invulnerable Rager||
||Soffia||[[ Zinta "Zee" Zandu]]||Witch w/ brewing specialization||
||Adam||[[ Bahbee Yohdah]]||Oracle / Paladin hybrid||
||Trout||[[ Midas Mole]]||Alchemist bomb man||

======Meta Systems======
[[ The Mercenary System]]
[[ The Synergy System]]

======Unclaimed Loot======
**Part 1:** Loose money share (Split by 6) - **Each receive - 30G, 15S, 16C each**

**Will sell at next opportunity and divide equally with surviving members.**
Studded Armor (Alastair)
Wand of Acid Splash
Light CB
Longbow (Alastair)
+1 Dagger
MW Hand Crossbow
7 bolts
Detailed - Ledger
Cigar case inlaid with tiny bits of jade (25G)
2-pound gold ingot bearing the Cheliax coat of arms (100G)
Miniature gold crown (350G)
Kraken carving (200G)
Silver Ring - Emmah (150G)
MW Shuriken
Ivory Succubi Figure (450G)
Adamantine arrowhead
MW Dagger w/ strange blade shaped almost like a key bearing the inscription (750G)
Shelyn Holy Symbol (300G)
Bejeweled brooch - Queen's Brooch

[[ Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide]]
[[ Map of Korvosa]]
[[ Map of Varisia]]
[[ Map of Darkmoon Vale]]
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