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Every team runs better when you're moving as a unit. Discord within a team can turn an otherwise trivial encounter into an insurmountable challenge. Work together to overcome your obstacles.

Attempting a Combo Check

We will be using an optional combo system for combat during this campaign. If you choose to attack the same target as your ally immediately before you, you can take a skill check to attempt to combo off your previous ally's attack. The general rules for all combo attacks are:

To initiate a combo, after succeeding your Attack roll, you must pass a Combo Check. The DC for this check changes based on your character level, as well as how long the combo chain is. Refer to the table below for the DC that you must check. The stat you use for the check will differ depending on what type of attack you are using:

Level RangeStarting Combo DCThird Hit DCFourth Hit DCFifth Hit DCSixth Hit DC

Succeeding a Combo Check

After successfully passing the combo check, your attack will now combo with the previous attack! Other circumstantial combo bonuses may apply, but by default refer to the table below for the baseline extra damage to add to your damage roll. This will also move the combo meter one level up, making it more difficult for the next person to perform a successful combo.

Level RangeSecond Hit BonusThird Hit BonusFourth Hit BonusFifth Hit BonusSixth Hit Bonus

By default, your Combo meter does not carry over from encounter to encounter. Once combat ends, the combo meter is reset to 0. There may be circumstances or environmental effects that change this, however.

Failing a Combo Check

If you fail a combo check, you suffer a minor condition penalty for 1 full round, effective immediately. To determine your penalty, roll on the table below.
6No Effect:)
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