Rafferti “Raft” Zandu

Age: 43
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’11”
Skin: Sunburnt Skin. Scars
Hair: Bald with a salt'n'pepper beard
Born: Korvosa
Occupation: Barbarian. Previously a dock worker.

Marital Status: Widowed. Daughter
Anatomist - +1 bonus to confirm criticals - critical and calm when fighting maybe too calm.
Widower - +2 Intimidate Checks - rage filled with sadness
Oathbound - Reroll against charm/compulsion effect - wife charmed him to protect their daughter

Skill Highlights:
Door Breaking

Power Attack: -1 on attack +2 damage rolls
Intimidating Prowess

After Session 2, Raft has a near death experience falling into the water and is attacked by a jigsaw shark. Panicked and wasn't able to hit, swim or climb out. Was saved by Gus's arrows.

When you first meet Raft, he seems like a normal commoner, not used to getting in trouble and not intimidating to look at. Polite and well spoken but humble in his words. He is an older man dressed as a commoner in Korvosa wearing work boots and a bulky light brown shirt. As you look closer you can tell from his calloused hands that he has been doing manual labor his entire life. Sun burnt skin and scars on his hands and head as you can see. His head is bald showing his sun damaged skin. His beard is dark brown with patches of white coming in.

The one give away that he might be an adventure is how he carries himself. Confident and stable movements and looks like he carries a good amount of weight on his back. On his back, you can see an outline of a large two handed sword and a pole like weapon wrapped in a brown cloth that are attached to his worn out traveling backpack.

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