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Auguste 'Gus' Gusteau
Dwarf Zen Archer
Gus can barely remember it now, but the scars continue to remind him of the day he was taken off the streets and thrown into the brutal criminal underbelly of Korvosa. Snatched during a visit to the city with his family and a group of other traveling merchants from Janderhoff, he was badly beaten and has only fragmented memories of his former life as a child in the sky citadel he once called home.
Gaedren found having a "pet" dwarf a novelty, calling Gus his 'littlest lamm' - using him as a courier - Gaedren would take perverse pleasure it beating Gus when found him to be "late" in returning. Years and year disappeared in a haze of abuse and scars, as Gus grew so did his reflexes and speed, but not fast enough to escape that last beating. Thrashed within an inch of his life for an imagined infraction by Gaedren he was tossed out into the street like trash with barely a thought.
For the first time in years, luck found the form of an old hermit named Mulford. He brought the lifeless body of the young dwarf to his home out in the hills outside of Korvosa and nursed him back to health. A follower of Erastil, Mulford showed Gus a completely different way to live, bringing peace and calm into the swirling darkness that has been so much of his life with the teachings of Erastil and mastery of the longbow. With each day spent away from Korvosa and Gaedren, Gus began to shed the weight of his old life and replaced the fear and pain of being beat with the peace of hunting and nurturing his plants.
Despite this new found calm, a lingering regret has formed in the back of Gus's mind - unfinished business with Gaedren and the dozens of little Lamm's still abused daily. There will be no lasting peace for Gus while Gaedren is left to continue to prey upon the young and down-trodden, something MUST be done.
Zen Archer - more to come!!

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**Tortured/Bad Childhood**
Zen Archer - more to come!!

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